Xamarin Android App Works on VS 2017 Emulator but not on Device

Hi guys! I hope someone can help me out with this issue thats been giving me a big headache. I have a Xamarin Android App and I'm using the build template on VSTS to automate a build. For some reason, the APK generated from that automated build doesn't work when I install the APK on any of my devices. If i run the Archive option on VS 2017 and generate the APK from my local machine. The generated APK works fine once i install it on my device.

Any clue as to what could be wrong?



  • Ahsan_SiddiqueAhsan_Siddique PKMember ✭✭✭✭

    Are you installed all SDK's from lolly-pop 5.0 to Oreo 8.1 in your Visual Studio?? If you installed then your App should work fine.

  • bipbipRichiebipbipRichie Member ✭✭

    Hi Ahsan! Yeah I have already installed all the SDKs and still no luck at all :(

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