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April 5th - Accelerate your development with Xamarin Forms & Prism

DanSiegelDanSiegel USUniversity ✭✭
edited March 2018 in Events & Community

The San Diego Xamarin Dev's will be taking a break from the normal Hackathon format as we look at what's new in the Xamarin Forms 3.0 preview. Then we'll look at what's coming in Prism 7.1 and how to accelerate your development with Prism and Xamarin Forms. Finally you'll see how to secure your code bases and get a sneak peak at new (FREE) developer tooling that will help you connect to, and setup your DevOps pipeline with AppCenter. Whether you're a seasoned Xamarin Developer or just trying to figure out if Xamarin is the right fit for you, this is a can't miss event that you won't find anywhere else!

Come join us in the Zeeto Employee Restaurant on April 5th at 6pm

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