Visual Studio hanging when opening Xamarin.iOS project

I've been barreling away on this iOS project for the last few days, and at one point I closed VS 2012.

I opened it again, and went to open my solution, but now it just hangs on open and I get the "Visual Studio is busy" bubble.

The solution opens and builds just fine in Xamarin Studio on Mac (I'm running VS in Parallels). Of course the iOS project doesn't load in XS on Windows.

Things I've tried:

  • disabling and uninstalling all Xamarin extensions - when I do this, I can open other Xamarin projects and I get the "project type unsupported" error. Opening my solution doesn't even get to that point
  • reinstalling Xamarin Studio
  • updating VS to Update 4 and reinstalling Xamarin Studio
  • running VS as Admin

When I reinstalled Xamarin.iOS, there are serious issues with the package installation, specifically when I launched VS on the first try I got an error about "ShellPackage could not be loaded" and the Xamarin Account menuitem is missing from the Tools menu. MonoTouchPackage also fails to load upon trying to create a new iOS project.

So, I'm a bit far down the path and wondering what steps I can take to get my installation functional again.

Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks!


  • DanWatersDanWaters USMember

    I fixed the package issues with the help of this post.

    However, the hanging is still present. VS2012 won't open the solution. I will update here if I figure it out.

  • DanWatersDanWaters USMember


    After all that reinstalling and registry stuff... I think I installed some of this stuff in administrator mode, so now my regular user was unable to see these projects. So I just run in administrator mode for the time being.

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