Regressions... When to update and What ?

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Hi all,

First, sorry for my bad english.

Following each update of visual studio for Windows, I am confronted with new bugs / regressions (bindings, multidexing, proguard, compilation... !!). This is a big productivity deficit. That's really crazy, i feel sometimes like a microsoft beta tester ... I have lost so much time on environment problematic.

So, first, I want to be sure i use the recommanded configuration/environment :

For a Xamarin Android Version (by example), can we know recommanded :

  • Version of Windows
  • Version of sdk
  • Version of build-tools...
  • Version of jdk
  • Version of ndk
  • class Analyser for Android Bindings (jar2xml or class-parse)
  • Extensions of Visual Studio (Resharper ?...) and version of these extensions
  • etc, etc....

Finally, i just need to understand how i am/we are supposed to work.
@Other Xamarin Android Devs : How are you doing ? Same problematic ?

Ty in advance.

So... when to update and what ?

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