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When the list of images is refreshed, infinite scrolling, some of the images load and then fade away. The array of images is has the expected number but, they are not being displayed.

I have 1st contacted Microsoft about this isssue and they have pointed me to FFImageLoading as the possible problem.

"'I've been in constant communication with some of our Escalation Engineers in regards to this issue. We were able to determine that the problem is occurring when the application is trying to set the HightRequest. On the DashboardPage.xaml.cs file -Line 162, If you change the img.HightRequest to a fix Hight, the issue does not occur when refreshing.

I am not sure if this bug is coming from our Xamarin Framework or if this is an issue with the FFImageLoading.

I did some research on the FFImageLoading component and noticed that an issue was submitted to their GitHub. Another user seemed to be having a very similar problem but with a ListView.
github DOT com luberda-molinet FFImageLoading issues 974"

Have you seen this issue before and do you have any suggestions for me?


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