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Filtering Azure table data

Hey Guys,

I have to admit I am hitting my head against the wall on this one, maybe I just dont get it. I have a XAMARIN app connecting to AZURE, with quick tables etc.

I have a table called Players, in the future hopefully 100000 players in it, so of course I want to filter it based on team.

run the following

            var query = az_Player.CreateQuery().Where(c => c.TeamId == teamid);

            await az_Player.PullAsync("SyncPlayer"+teamid, query);

            await Client.SyncContext.PushAsync();

No luck, it returns all records and seems to ignore the "c.TeamId == teamid" probably something really stupid, but I cant seem to see it.

ps. all the connections are working etc etc done the coffeecup example

IMobileServiceSyncTable az_Player;


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