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MVVM .NET Standard hamburger menu sample


Can someone please provide me with a full working example of a hamburger menu using .NET standard and MVVM pattern?

When creating a new Xamarin project in Visual Studio 2017 (15.6.2) there is the option to use a Master Detail template, however it unfortunately uses a tabbed page layout instead of a hamburger menu.

There is a Microsoft site that explains how to use a Master-Detail page "MasterDetailPageNavigation", unfortunately it is a PCL project, which is now deprecated/obsoleted. In addition the project's structure seems quite odd.
The Microsoft article explaining Master-Detail pages:
The download link of the project:
(sorry, I am not yet allowed to post links...)

The ideal solution would look like a merge between the Visual Studio "Master Detail" template and the "MasterDetailPageNavigation" solution.
This new solution would use .NET standard, MVVM pattern and of course a hamburger menu.

On a side note:
Does anyone know why the Master Detail template in Visual Studio uses a tabbed page instead of a hamburger menu?
There seem to be a lot of apps using a hamburger menu but the ones with a tabbed view are not that common, thus it seems quite odd to chose a tabbed page intead of a hamburger menu...

Any help is much appreciated.

Kind regads


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    Greetings! I have a few questions about what exactly you're looking for. The project link you referenced builds out a master-detail that exactly fits what I "think" you're asking for. It has a hamburger button that pops out the master detail, allowing the user to navigate to different detail pages. Also, code logic for PCL is a seamless transition to .NET, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. If you could give me some screenshots of what exactly you're looking for, I would be happy to help!

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