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Usage of elliptic curve keys in X509Certificate2

dragondx2018dragondx2018 Member

My question is about Xamarin, iOS and Android, but the following snippet is from my iOS app.

With a X509Certificate2 object, I'm trying to import a BouncyCastle PKCS12 container that contains an ecc certificate (secp384r1 curve) like this

var certEntry = new X509CertificateEntry(certificate);
string friendlyName = certificate.SubjectDN.ToString();

var builder = new Pkcs12StoreBuilder();
var pkcs12Store = builder.Build();       
AsymmetricKeyEntry keyEntry = new AsymmetricKeyEntry(bouncyCastleKeyPair.Private); // Elliptic curve keypair
pkcs12Store.SetKeyEntry(friendlyName, keyEntry, new[] { certEntry });  

using (MemoryStream pfxStream = new MemoryStream())
  pkcs12Store.Save(pfxStream, "secret".ToCharArray(), new SecureRandom());
  pfxStream.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);
  var result = Pkcs12Utilities.ConvertToDefiniteLength(pfxStream.ToArray(), "secret".ToCharArray());

// Import certificate bytes in .NET X509Certificate2
  var microsoftCertificate = new X509Certificate2();
  microsoftCertificate.Import(result, "secret", X509KeyStorageFlags.PersistKeySet); // Import fails!
  return microsoftCertificate;

It almost works, the certificate properties like NotBefore, NotAfter are transfered correctly but I can not access the private/public key properties of my X509Certicate2 object.

But I get an CryptographicException and in the stack trace I can see that Mono tries to parse an RSA Key in the DecodeRSA Methode in PKCS8 class!?

I need to use the X509Certificate2 for client side authentication in SslStream Handshake.

Now two important questions:

  • Are elliptic curve keys in X509Certificate2 class supported in Xamarin/Mono?

  • If yes, does anybody know how I can get Mono to parse the ECC keys correctly?

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