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Xamarin Test Recorder with VS Emulator

I am facing some issues when running the Xamarin test recorder. I am trying to test an apk using the visual studio emulator 5.7 Marshmallow (6.0.0) Andriod 6.0 - API 23.

I have created the Xamarin UI test, and have installed Xamarin Test recorder from VS 2017 Enterprise Edition gallery.

What I am doing as following:

  • Create new Xamarin UI test (Andriod) - I didn't do any modification on this project
  • launch the VS Emulator 5.7 Marshmallow (6.0.0) Andriod 6.0 - API 23.
  • launch the Test Recorder, giving the path to the .apk file.
  • Xamarin status as following: No device found, session cancelled.

I have check the logs, event viewer nothing found. I have launched VS as administrator, and updated SDK to the latest versions, Nunit version 2.6.4, Nunit test adapter 2.0.0

Any suggestions!

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