Unable to check performance of my application

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Hi All,

I've an iPad application, which contain huge data into database and perform so many operations also. To check the performance of the application I tried instruments and Xamarin profiler.

While using instruments, my application start freezing after launch only. So I google about this and found a bug which is already open in bugzilla.

Later I moved to profiler. Somehow I get an Visual studio enterprise edition and licence from my team. And this time, instead of freezing my application started crashing on device as well as simulator.
On device I'm getting weird console log about crash which is not helpful at all.

Crash log say's = "error: * Assertion at /Users/builder/data/lanes/5808/1c6f300e/source/xamarin-macios/external/mono/mono/profiler/log.c:546, condition `mono_lls_insert (&log_profiler.profiler_thread_list, hp, &thread->node) && "Why can't we insert the thread in the LLS?"' not met

Xamarin.Hosting: Process '939' exited."

Can anyone help me with performance check of my application.

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