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"Run in Test Cloud" shortcut removed in Visual Studio for Mac 7.4

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This is an announcement that as of the current Stable & Beta releases of Visual Studio for Mac 7.4, the "Run in Test Cloud" shortcut has been permanently removed. The reason for this is because of the transition from Test Cloud over to Visual Studio App Center makes the shortcut obsolete.

Unfortunately, because of the different way App Center handles test uploads, we are not currently able to create a substitute "Run in App Center" or similar command to preserve this functionality. Going forward command line uploads will need to be used instead of this shortcut.

Visual Studio App Center Test Samples

To aid with this transition, I have been writing very basic samples for the different test frameworks we currently support that demonstrate how to run in Test Cloud & App Center:

These samples include shell scripts that take a Test Cloud or App Center upload command and show you how to modify it based on the project. (Technically the shell scripts are only compatible on Mac at present, but each one is less than 10 lines so it shouldn't be too difficult for Windows users to see the steps they are performing and do those manually.)

Currently I've completed samples for Espresso, Xamarin.UITest using a Xamarin Forms app & Appium using a pre-compiled APK or IPA. I'm still working on XCUITest. I've tried to make the apps as ready to use as possible based on the setup & readmes present in the repo so that ideally you can get the sample working quickly and then examine the samples to inform working on your own apps.

If you have any problems working with those samples please file an issue here:

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