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Approaches/alternatives to embedding chat in xamarin forms applications!

FernandoVMFernandoVM BRMember ✭✭

Dear friends,

I'm starting to consider approaches/alternatives to embedding chat in xamarin forms applications, I think that would very useful in at leat two scenarios:

I) Provide a communication channel with application users. In this case, would need just exchange messages between each user and a backend service (to start, we can think this as an another simple user).

II) Provide a social communication between application users. In this case, would desirable to allow direct message (user-to-user) and also create and exchange messages in groups.

Of course, for both the cases would be great supports send files, but initially this is not a required requirement.

In this context, they emerge several questions, such as:

1) The telegram API can be an option to some of above scenarios? Would be possible use telegram API without requires that users have installed telegram app?

2) There are some good framework/service, preferably free, to help us in the above scenarios?

3) What would the drawbacks in an "ad-hoc" implementation? Probably using a cloud no-sql repository, a rest api, push notification or pooling, and etc... What would the important issues to stay tuned?

Well, any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


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