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April 5th : Chicago, IL : Building AR & VR Apps using Xamarin and .NET

JohnSprungerJohnSprunger USUniversity ✭✭

RSVP here: I can't post links so I guess Google "Chicago .NET Mobile Developers Meetup"...

Date: April 5th

Location: West Monroe Partners, 11th floor, 222 W. Adams St.


We'll give an overview of AR and VR technologies, and show you how to build these experiences using a variety of technologies including ARKit for iOS, ARCore for Android, the Oculus Rift SDK, Unity, UrhoSharp, .NET, C#, and more. As usual, refreshments will be provided.


6:00-6:30: Food, drinks, and networking
6:30-8:00: Presentation


  • Developing ARKit Apps for iOS using Xamarin
  • Developing ARCore Apps for Android using Unity and .NET
  • Developing with the Oculus Rift and Unity


John Sprunger, Sr. Architect, West Monroe Partners
Greg Gammon, Principal, West Monroe Partners
Thomas Rogers, Consultant, West Monroe Partners
Adam Seppi, Consultant, West Monroe Partners


  • JingletonJingleton DEForum Administrator, Xamarin Team, Insider, University, Developer Group Leader Xamurai

    You can RSVP HERE :)

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