Difference between CPU and Real sampling mode

When I launch the Xamarin profiler, there is a setting for Sampling mode which has two options, CPU and Real. There is also one line description on what it is, (ie.) CPU for constant sampling and Real for more realistic sampling. I don't see any other documentation. Can anyone please explain it in detail? I find that the result captured in CPU mode is double the result captured in Real mode (used sample app provided in Xamarin profiler documentation). Which one should I use for profiling my application?


  • GeethaThangamGeethaThangam USMember ✭✭

    The answer to this question is much needed.
    (Adding more observation. But still, need a proper answer.)
    In CPU sampling mode, I see that the timer at the top of the profiler isn't updated when the app is idle. In Real sampling mode, the timer is updated continuously at some periodic interval. Observed this in Xamarin profiler V1.6.2.162.

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