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Using aritchie Plugin.BluetoothLE Scan() is slow

MichelsenMichelsen Member ✭✭

I want to receive AdvertisementData as fast as the BT device sends it. E.g. every second. Using the app "nRF Connect" it is possible on both iOS and Android every second.

I have read the guide and implemented it this way in my Xamarin app using aritchie Plugin.BluetoothLE:

ScanConfig sc = new ScanConfig();
sc.ScanType = BleScanType.LowLatency;

var scanner = CrossBleAdapter.Current.Scan(sc).Subscribe(scanResult =>
// Why is this only called every 2-10 seconds, and not every 1 second as with "nRF Connect"

But for some reason the goes 2-20 seconds between receiving a scan result on both Android and iOS.

Using BleScanType.LowLatency seems to have some effect.

What am I forgetting or doing wrong?

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