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Layout Issues with MasterDetail switching Portait to Landscape etc.

TobyKTobyK GBMember ✭✭✭
edited March 2018 in Xamarin.Forms

I've created a custom control with a few elements in there in three columns - small - large - small:-

| a | ________b________ | c |

When the app starts in portrait mode - the master part is hidden and can be dragged out. the detail page contains my control (above) and all columns can be seen.
When switching the device to landscape - the master part is made visible (Drag out section becomes fixed on the left), however the size of my custom control sizes correctly and everything is fine.

When the app starts in landscape mode - the master part is visible (fixed) and all columns in custom control are visible. Switching the device to portrait mode and the column | c | is pushed right off the page and can no longer be seen.... causing content below it to also 'bleed' off the page and the whole thing looks messy. This also occurs when setting MasterBehavior="Popup".

Is there a way to get my custom control to fit correctly in the 'visible' detail area - rather than it slipping off to the right? Its encased in StackLayout so as far as I'm concerned it should be sizing to the available space, but it doesn't.. So far the only fix I have found is to fix the device in Portrait mode - but I don't really want to loose the master detail behaviour in landscape mode.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? - What did you have to do to resolve?

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