UrhoSharp 1.8 Announced!

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UrhoSharp is a .NET API for building 3D experiences in your apps. A .NET binding to the Urho3D engine, it allows developers to write cross-platform code targeting Android, iOS, Windows and macOS with the same codebase, can render to both OpenGL and Direct3D systems, and supports all modern mobile and desktop platforms, including Augmented Reality.

We've just released a new feature-packed version of UrhoSharp for 2018: UrhoSharp 1.8!

Check out the details HERE, discuss below.



  • dmurphydmurphy CAMember ✭✭

    @MigueldeIcaza and @EgorBo
    I'm excited to see this next release of UrhoSharp with Urho3D 1.7. We are using it in a product for the HoloLens in our shipping RemoteSpark product. We recently started working on native GLTF 2.0 support for Urho3D (hopefully with your help this can make its way into the bindings) and I'll be creating a pull request once I'm done. See you at Build 2018!

  • EgorBoEgorBo BYXamarin Team ✭✭✭

    I am glad to hear :smile: GLTF 2.0 is something I would definitely love to see in Urho!

  • zahikramerzahikramer ILMember ✭✭✭

    Sorry to ruin the party, I see all the work here,
    A beginner is NOT meant to deal with code when he wants to build a 3D model or scene.
    I researched this for my app and found UNITY and BLENDER , both have great GUI IDE tool to build scenes and models.
    Urho3d and Urho3dsharp don't have gui for that (at least what i am aware of) and to build a scene from scratch by code is NOT efficient.
    Only when you are a pro and want to tweak some scene , maybe then you should come to code.
    So i left Urho3dsharp.
    I wish you build some port tool to read Blender or Unity IDE outcome and with the whole scene + model files, port it as is to Xamarin by some way (maybe even through urho3d by some way).
    This way a beginner who wants to add 3D scene to Xamarin App can do a quick editing on great editors like in Blender or Unity, push a button to port it, import it to surfaceview of urho3d (or a like) and boom, a scene of 3d object is in Xamarin.
    Hope this is the direction of development for 3D in xamarin.
    But thank you for your work anyway!

  • EgorBoEgorBo BYXamarin Team ✭✭✭

    @zahikramer UrhoSharp is a small code-first engine, easy to embed into any existing Xamarin app. It's good for visual effects, visualization etc rather than games with complex scenes. But the good news are - there is a native Urho3D editor! which you can use in order to compose scenes and work with them from UrhoSharp - Also it's possible to work with scenes from Blender (it can export scenes as Urho Scenes/prefabs).

  • zahikramerzahikramer ILMember ✭✭✭

    @EgorBo Thanks for your reply Egor.
    I know your're the master of urhosharp. kudos.
    This is the whole point. I wan't to add little VFX to my app, and i can do it quickly with Blender/Unity (but cannot run it on xamarin)
    I saw the Urho3d IDE and it's awful. Very bad tutorials (lots of installations of c++ compilers etc.)
    Even the C#/Xamarin equivalents of the c++ demos are code converts of the originals.
    A beginner who want to just add a small VFX DON'T want to learn the whole bits. Maybe later he would have to,
    but like xamarin, you don't start for a beginner to write custom renderers or binding project. You start from Xamarin Forms and a 3 lines of code project to build a small App.
    I searched a lot of tutorials to build something with blender and import it to urhosharp and didn't find something good.
    I know you can import the model (also didn't succeed with that) but no scene.
    Can you guide (maybe do it yourself) to a full path of building something with blender (full effect , model and scene) , import it into urho3d (or better tool to import it directly to urhosharp) without code or , at least , code generated file from the project file in blender/unity, that i can just add it to xamarin project and connect it somehow to SurfaceView?
    I didn't find something like that.

  • Steve_hawkinsSteve_hawkins GBUniversity ✭✭

    are there any good examples added AR and urho to an existing xamarin forms app? looked everywhere (maybe not the right places) and couldnt find anything.

    I'm wanting to add an Augmented reality page using urhosharp as a proof of concept to an existing xamarin forms app (ios / android using MVVM)

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