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How to handle orientation for both Android and iOS

Hello, I have searched the documentation on how to handle orientation changes and found a page for Android (can't post link since I'm a new user but it's under Android -> Application Fundamentals -> Handling Rotation, / guides / android / application_fundamentals / handling_rotation/).

I have looked at the corresponding section in the iOS section but there isn't anything. Searching in Google, I have found 2-3 + years old blog posts that detail an approach nothing like that found in the documentation.

Is there somewhere I can find recent info on how to implement this for iOS ? Or preferably both Android and iOS ?


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  • JohnHardmanJohnHardman GBUniversity admin

    @gillesleb - For your app, do you want to know when (for the screen space available to the app) the available height >= available width and when the available width > available height, or do you want to know when the physical device is being held a certain way? How you implement the detection differs between these two options.

  • gilleslebgillesleb Member ✭✭

    When the available height >= available width.

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