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Can't run my app: Target of ChangeCanExecute is null (NullReferenceException)

JonAlzaJonAlza ESMember ✭✭✭


After solving a little problem with my Wi-Fi network, I get an error when I tried to run my Android app.

Output window:

Start ({MyPhoneApp}.Android, {My Android device} Player, ).
Attempting connection to debug address: {Android device IP address}:37847.
Connected to: {Android device IP address}:37847.
Deploying {MyPhoneApp project file path}...
Got device info: {My Android device} Player (Android) @ {Android device IP address}:37847
Synchronizing files...
Building and running...
Built with 2 messages.
{C# file A}(1,1): warning: 'Forms.Context' is obsolete: 'Context is obsolete as of version 2.5. Please use a local context instead.'
{C# file B}(1,1): warning: The variable 'ex' is declared but never used
Deploy to {My Android device} Player succeeded.

Xamarin Live app shows me a message that I exported from Debug Logs:

[LogEntry: Time=2/22/2018 1:02:32 PM +01:00, Level=Error, Title=Visualization Error, Message=Target of ChangeCanExecute is null (NullReferenceException)]

And nothing more happens.

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