appDataMode clear breaks menu navigation in 2.2.2

As of Xamarin.UITest version 2.2.2, we are having problems with StartApp with appDataMode set to clear. It clears the app data, but now it's breaking the save state of menu navigation in our iOS app. Android still works. iOS simulators also still work, this happens on all physical iOS devices. The tab that you are on in our menu is supposed to save after you navigate away from the menu, but after the app data is cleared, the tab stops saving altogether and always takes you to the first tab.

Reverting back to UITest version 2.2.1 fixes this issue, but removes iOS 11 support. I tried updating to the pre-release version but that didn't fix it either.

The menu tab state is a string that we save as a TinyIoCContainer inside of Xamarin.Forms.Platform.iOS.FormsApplicationDelegate

I'm hoping this is a known bug that Xamarin plans on fixing. Otherwise, I'm hopeful to hear some suggestions.

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