MasterDetailPage need new features (Width, Right to Left, Animations)

MasterDetailPage need missing features
(Width property , Right to Left direction property, animation property)

Sorry, but I have to open that has an issue since developers have to move around,
to get a nice side menu on smartphones. Don't you think?

Up the issue please ;)

Actual Behavior
We are stuck from the left to right, with a fixed width.
But the slide gestures is awesome!

Expected Behavior
A great implementation, with some customisable properties available
_Right to left
_Width property
_Animation property (we need same animations for both device IOS, Android)

Steps to Reproduce
Implement a MasterDetailPage
Figure it out that you can't change the width of the MasterDetailPage
Realize that you can't get the MasterDetailPage from right to left
Dawn on that you never gonna get two side menu.


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