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Scheduling repeating alarms

I want to show a local notification to the user every day on a predefined time. Android documentation has a sample code in this link ( that can be used for scheduled repeating alarms. My code is:

var calendar = Calendar.Instance;
calendar.TimeZone = TimeZone.GetTimeZone("Europe/Stockholm");
calendar.Set(CalendarField.HourOfDay, 19);
calendar.Set(CalendarField.Minute, 15);

//BootReceiver is derived from BroadcastReceiver which registers the service on boot (Intent.ActionBootCompleted)
var alarmIntent = new Intent(Instance, typeof(BootReceiver));
var pendingIntent = PendingIntent.GetBroadcast(Instance,

var alarmManager = (AlarmManager)Instance.GetSystemService(Context.AlarmService);

This partly works, depending on the current system time:

  • If the system time is smaller than the given time, notification is being shown on the stated time.
  • If the system time is larger than the given time, a notification is being shown directly after the application start, but scheduled notification at the stated time works also.

I do not want to fire notifications after the app start, could anyone please help me with daily notification registering?

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  • erdihuerdihu Member ✭✭

    Has anyone not experienced a similar issue before?

  • erdihuerdihu Member ✭✭

    Thanks, this seems to fix the problem.

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