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Easy Http Request Android

I'm still a beginner and have this question:
How can i get data from a web url in my app?
A easy http request...

  1. First the App calls a url
  2. If you call the url in a internet browser the browser would display a value and i will get this value in my app with an easy http request

can someone help me, please?
Thank you :)

Best Answers


  • FabricioBertaniFabricioBertani USMember ✭✭✭

    Take a look to RestServices: Consuming a RESTful Web Service. Did this web have an API endpoint to connect?

  • JonasPTFLJonasPTFL Member ✭✭

    @TedRogers said:
    There are lots of solutions but you could just use the out of the box HttpClient. Here is an example I through together as an example. It probably won't compile but should give you the idea.

    Sorry, but i dont understand the code :/
    Where can i place my url?
    And how can i use it in my App?

  • JonasPTFLJonasPTFL Member ✭✭

    @TedRogers said:
    The resource parameter is your url. Just make sure the RequestUri parameter of the HttpRequestMessage is set to your url.

    From your app you might call it like this:

    Yes, you are right i try to call an web service end point...
    And thank you for the answer :)

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