Geofence plugin not working in emulator

I'm using the geofence plugin in a forms/android project.
After finally getting the nuget package to install, I'm struggling with using the plugin on my emulator. I have set it up according to the sample project and documentation on github, and on an actual device I am able to get OnRegionStateChanged events by monitoring a region. But when running on the emulator, I get this in the output:

[0:] CrossGeofence - Error: CrossGeofence - You need to enabled Location Services
[0:] CrossGeofence - Error: CrossGeofence - Geofence not available.
[0:] CrossGeofence - Monitoring in region: The office
[0:] CrossGeofence - Location changed. Lat: 1,12345 Long: 1,12345
[0:] CrossGeofence - Error: CrossGeofence - Geofence not available.

The OnLocationChanged event is triggered, but not the OnRegionStateChanged. Using the physical device for testing is not so practical, although I know I can fake the location. Would still be great to have it in the emulator though... any experiences with this?

Btw, I am able to view my current position on a map, and I have given the app permissions to positioning. I have also tried booting the emulator, but no luck so far.

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