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Vertical Oriented Slider in a Grid in a ScrollView

Hey guys. I am working on a project where the main page will be controlling some devices. To do that, you will have the option of using some buttons or a slider. We have been struggling to get the slider to layout and function properly.

Our first element on the page is a ScrollView oriented horizontally so it does not conflict with the Slider gesture.
Inside the ScrollView we have a Grid that will display 2x2 at a time (more as you scroll).
Inside each grid block (column/row) we have a Slider, an Image, and 5 buttons, ordered in that way from left to right, with the buttons being stacked vertically.
The items in the grid block are all children of an AbsoluteLayout.

Our problem is: the slider needs to be pretty tall, but since we are rotating it, it is calculating layout based on its initial width (which will be its height after rotation). We have tried making it smaller, and resizing OnSizeAllocated. No luck. We have tried putting it in its own ContentView. CustomRenderers, etc.
The Slider always ends up being very small, cutoff, or gestures aren't working properly, etc.

Does anyone have any tips, links, etc that could provide some insight into this problem?


  • FishDevFishDev USMember ✭✭

    This sounds like a pretty complex layout. Any chance you could provide some code samples to help us get a better idea of what you're trying to achieve?

  • RandyGuayRandyGuay USMember ✭✭

    Waffles9992, did you ever get a vertical slider to work? I could use one.

    This should be part of the framework, just like horizontal slider.

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