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.NET Standard project + MobileServicesClient(4.0.x) + Active Directory (Server Flow)

Man we are really struggeling to get server flow authentication with XamarinForms/UWP/.NETStandard + MobileServicesClient(4.0.x) + Active Directory login.

This is about the closest we have gotten, but still no success...

(see comments and links on by user named- dhei )

He has a sub thread link to this: which is where we called it quits...

We really need some better answers/simplified direction.. of how to use MobileServicesClient + UWP + Active Directory to sign in and use Xamarin.Forms in a .NET Client Library, otherwise we cant move on from our PCL project.

if you look at Dhei's responses, it looks like he crossed out the Xamarin.Forms working on server flow solution....
Is that true, should we try to refocus our efforts on the ClientFlow for XamarinForms/UWP/.NETStandard + MobileServiceClient(4.0.x) + Active Directory login?

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