Can suggest a 3 grid photo gallery

Hi i am new to xamarin and i am building an app that is similar to the photo gallery. I am finding for a sample that I can use where the photo gallery will be 3 columns with infinity number of rows. A new grid will create when a new image is added to the database which i will take from a website using JSON. I hope there is a template or sample that i can use to accomplish this photo gallery part.
Thank you


  • JadenNxJadenNx NZMember ✭✭
    edited January 2018

    Just use FlowListView

    <flv:FlowListView FlowColumnCount="3" SeparatorVisibility="None" HasUnevenRows="false"
        FlowItemTappedCommand="{Binding ItemTappedCommand}" FlowLastTappedItem="{Binding LastTappedItem}"
        FlowItemsSource="{Binding Items}" >
                <Image Source="{Binding ImageUrl}" HeightRequest="50" Aspect="AspectFill"></Image>
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