February 15th, 2018 - Minneapolis, MN - Continuous Integration using Jenkins and Xamarin

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Join us for our February event sponsored and hosted by ILM Professional Services. This is a FREE event and a great opportunity for networking and the latest insights in mobile development.

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February Topic - Continuous Integration using Jenkins and Xamarin

In one hour, learn how to setup a Jenkins server to do CI (continuous integration). This will be a lab-style activity, meaning you should bring your laptop and be ready to follow along – learn by doing! We’ll setup Jenkins so that it triggers automatic builds of a “Hello, World!” Xamarin app from both Git commits and a daily timer; Jenkins will keep each build as an artifact for later retrieval.

Participants should arrive at the venue with the following items completed:

Install Visual Studio Community 2017 & Xamarin
• Install Visual Studio Community 2017 or better; be able to click File > New and build and deploy a Cross-Platform Xamarin.Forms app on at least Android
• Implies that Xamarin, Android SDK, etc. is installed and configured

Install Jenkins
• Install a Jenkins master on localhost or other virtual machine and completed the post-installation setup wizard
• Follow steps at https://jenkins.io/doc/book/installing
• Recommend not using Docker unless you’re proficient with it – I’m new to it and had troubles configuring Docker to allow Jenkins to see an internet connection
• Choose the “Install suggested plugins” option
• Setup the first administrator user account for accessing the Jenkins master, and then login;
• Install Git and setup a free account on https://github.com – we will each configure a public repository on GitHub for our Hello, World! app

Presented by Kyle Estes
Kyle Estes is the Lead Data Architect for Polaris Industries where he works on the Ride Command team on mapping. He architected the CI build process and scripts that Polaris currently uses for its production Ride Command mobile apps on Android and iOS.

About the Group
Led by local developers, the Minnesota Enterprise Mobile User Group is a place to come together to share knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned with the development community regarding enterprise mobile development, with a focus on mobile cross-platform application development and the Xamarin toolset. Our goal is to cover all areas of the Enterprise Mobile landscape.

Thursday, February 15th
5:30 - 6:00 PM - Social time featuring good food and beverages
6:00 - ~7:30 PM - Presentation and Discussion

ILM Professional Services
5221 Viking Drive
Edina, MN 55435

Free on-site parking is available.

This meeting is hosted and sponsored by ILM Professional Services.

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