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How use json from server with restful and put the data in a sql database in the app?

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Hi, I'm new to Xamarin.Forms,

I have some questions about project structure and data access. I would like to create a Xamarin.Forms.Portable Solution for all three platforms with common data access code.

I'm trying to access a simple web based service with a REST endpoint without having to code that data access 3 times for it in each platform's OS specific project.

Here's what I would like to do in the common PCL project of my Xamarin.Forms solution

1) access to the data in json file in the server
2) put this data in a database in local in the app and this database must be download with the app
3) use this data in my app
4) put the updates data from database in the json file

i'm using newtonsoft.json and restful for the webservice. Anyone have example for this?

I'm a bit confused about this in the context of Xamarin.Forms .Also is there a simple cross platform app that exemplifies this structure available?

thanks! And sorry for my english :/

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