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Send notification to Watch OS3 while iPad app running

AntHAntH GBMember ✭✭

Taking my first steps into watch development but as far as I can see I'm being thwarted by some fundamental rules. From the documentation I've read it seems that initially it was only possible to receive a notification on the watch if the phone was locked, but then I read some suggestion that with WatchOS 3 there _may _no longer be such a restriction. But I cannot find any actual detail to confirm or deny this.

Basically our app will be running all the time but I wanted to use the haptic feedback of the watch to reinforce alerts that the user may receive - due to the environment the app is intended for they will not always be looking at the phone, and it will be too noisy to hear audible alerts.

So for anyone out there who knows more about this stuff - is this possible, or am I flogging a dead horse?

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