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How does one create a Solution with multiple shared/portable projects inside?

So I have been trying to structure my app to be more like some of the "finished" sample projects. In particular I have heard that the Xamarin Evolve app has been created very well. SO I am trying to replicated it's structure as much as possible.

But I can not figure out how to add multiple projects into my solution. I have tried a few things. FWI I am working with a PCL project. I started this project before the nixed that structure

  1. Right click, Add, New project, Xamarin forms. This created a .Net cross platform app, to do this I need to create at least one other project (Android/ios/windows) I do this then delete the mobile project. But this has problems and I dont think is the correct way of doing it.

  2. Right click, Add, Existing project. and from here I tried
    2A. I tried adding directly from XamarinEvolve. This messed everything up as the file names were all funky
    2B. I pulled the start to my PCL Project from my Source Control and tried modifying ti and sticking it it. I sort of got it working but the namespaces got all funky.

I just feel like there is a super simple way to do this, but my web searching as turned up diddly squat.

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