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64-bit Support?

When is 64-bit support planned? I understand that you must build a 64-bit binary to use Mavericks-only APIs. I need to use Mavericks-only APIs so that my app is compatible with the Mac App Store. But Xamarin Studio refuses to allow me to use anything but its own XamMac.dll, which crashes horribly when run 64-bit.

I have an email from Xamarin Support promising me “same-day support for OS X Mavericks”, but here we are two months later, and there is no word on when this support will be shipped. Although Xamarin claims that there are bugs in Mono when running 64-bit, I have built my own copy of Mono and found that it works just fine under 64-bit as long as I use the Boehm garbage collector instead of SGen.

I have paid good money for a Xamarin.Mac license, and until 64-bit support and Mavericks APIs are made available to me, Xamarin is TOTALLY AND UTTERLY USELESS. I have a sinking feeling that Xamarin.Mac is low on the list of priorities. Please prove me wrong!

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  • SpartanSpartan USMember

    Maybe you should ask for a refund, or extension of your support?

  • WilliamKentWilliamKent USMember

    The only thing is, @Spartan, I purchased an academic license. I don’t get ANY official support, and my refund period has long since passed.

  • VincentMullanVincentMullan CAMember ✭✭

    I believe the OSX Map API is 64 bit only so can't call it from Xamarin.Mac.

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