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.macOS Sandbox for iTunes Connect

I'm working with a Cross-Platform xamarin.forms solution. It has an .Android, .UWP, .iOS and a .macOS projest.

I'm trying to upload the .macOS project to iTunes Connect with Application Loader.

Though I have checked "Enable App Sandbox" in "Entitlements, plist" I keep getting the error:
Package Summary:

1 package(s) were not uploaded because they had problems:
/var/folders/x9/kkvymd5s6zx2f8rhzjxfrxpr0000gn/T/44291733-3296-466A-86E9-41C67EE7930F/1335347427.itmsp - Error Messages:
description length:275776
ERROR ITMS-90296: "App sandbox not enabled. The following executables must include the "" entitlement with a Boolean value of true in the entitlements property list: [( "dk.eksit.TimeDateCalculator-macOS.pkg/Payload/" )] Refer to App Sandbox page at xxx:// for more information on sandboxing your app."

What can I have done wrong ?

-- Eigil

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