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Hi, I'm a small developer. I've done iOS in Xcode but recently was asked for a cross platform iOS/Android app. I also have done Mac OSX apps and for many years Windows apps.

It seems like the Business Edition is right however right now the price tag is large. It's been a tough year and justifying $1k on a license for unknown sales if hard to do.

If I go Indie then 3 months later want to go Business is the money spent for Indie applied towards Business at the time of the Business upgrade?


  • One more question... It seems like installing Xamarin in Windows installs ONLY the visual studio support. IE no Xamarin Studio under windows.

    Sure I'd rather use Visual Studio but I can't since I don't have the Business Edition. How do you or can you install Xamarin Studio in Windows?

  • Arrgh... Ok never mind. I just went through the pricing process to develop using Xamarin for Android, iOS, and Mac... $2697.00. WAY WAY WAY out of line considering that ALL of these platforms offer free development tools and if you are clever and careful you can leverage cross platform code.

    I'm sorry to waste your time. I was almost ready to go for $1k which I could have tolerated to development in Xamarin across the three platforms. But I can't justify this expense, especially up front.

    I'd almost rather have a royalty so if I do sell something you guys get a junk but asking a small developer to put down $2.5k just to get started. Sorry can't do it.

    It's a shame. It looks like Xamarin has so much going for it... except the price.

  • Last comment then I'll leave well enough alone. When looking at your subscription choices in big, bold is $999 / year then in small print per platform, per developer.

    While the wording is there to the average person this looks very much like... ok for $999 I can cross platform develop. Not until you really start the subscription process does the "per platform, per developer" really sink in.

    I wonder how many like myself got close to taking the plunge then quickly backed away as the reality of the pricing set in?

  • ok really... last comment for sure... I know there are some of you that will flame me over my above comment about the "average person". Go right on and do so.

    I have several apps in the iOS app store. These days unless you have the hottest game around you pretty much have to sell your app for $0.99. The android store is worse. Even if you have a truly great app, getting using to pay $1 for it is very difficult.

    So doing the simple math:

    If I were to do Indie for iOS and Android thats $540. Considering that Apple takes their cut and the typical rate of sales of the apps I produce I might just be able to pay for the subscription with app sales in say 6-8 months. That leaves me a short time left before I have to fork over another $540 to stay current.

    The Business program is worse. At $1800 it simply means I have to net $150 per month from my apps in both iOS and Android store just to barely pay for the subscription.

    Sure if I knock off the dual platforms and select say only Android the prices drop to the visible $299 and $999 but then whats the point? The whole point of Xamarin as I see it is to cross platform develop.

    I'm not sure how many subscribers you guys have but either they are all big established companies or people that have way more money than brains. I can't see how any small single developer can really afford this unless they have an established business.

    In sharp contrast to your pricing is Xojo. For $995 you get to develop Web, Windows, Mac, Linux and who knows when but even mobile apps.

    That is why I initially thought $999 was doable.

    I don't know why I'm wasting my time typing all this. I guess it's the shock of what I saw when I almost tried to buy the business subscription.

  • SteveFlackSteveFlack GBMember ✭✭
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    I have a single niche app on the both the iOS and Mac App Stores and even that would pay for indie for all three platforms in under a month.

    I would agree however, that for a single indie developer, Business at full price is a bit of a stretch and probably not worth it unless you really really want to use Visual Studio (or you're a professional developer and someone else is paying).

    As for Xojo/RealBasic....well I've used it (even paid for it). It doesn't come close. Last time I looked native mobile development using it was still vapourware. For Desktop apps it's OK.

    BTW, there is a Xamarin Studio for Windows. I use it on the Mac. It's not bad.

  • MarkHolbrookMarkHolbrook USMember

    Well your iOS app has done better than mine. I probably have not marketed mine well enough. 2012 has been a tough year. The Indie is reasonable and I'm almost there.

    On Xojo I agree. Desktops its ok. The mobile stuff is vaporware without a doubt. I have had success with a couple cross-platform desktop apps using it but it is certainly a less than preferred language.

  • SteveFlackSteveFlack GBMember ✭✭
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    Obviously it depends on the competition and the market you're targeting, but have you tried putting your prices up? Yes, you may sell less units but will make it up in revenue per sale. I did this and the results were surprising.

    BTW, You mention Visual Studio but are you aware that Xamarin only works with the paid versions of VS? The express version of VS doesn't support plugins so Xamarin doesn't work. If you're an MSDN subscriber you can get a discount on Xamarin.

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