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Can not load debug symbols from NETStandart Project into UWP Project

I migrate from PCL to .NETStandart, the app run ok, but, do not debug code into Core project.

I obtain "Cannot load debug symbols", in the output windows show this.

'Quantica.Mobile.Core.UWP.exe' (CoreCLR: CoreCLR_UWP_Domain): 'D:\Workspaces\Quantica\Quantica.Mobile.Core\Quantica.Mobile.Core.UWP\bin\x86\Debug\AppX\Quantica.Mobile.Core.dll' cargado. No se encuentra el archivo PDB o no se puede abrir. (Cannot find PDB File)

If i copy this file (Quantica.Mobile.Core.pdb) manually from Debug folder, the break point work, else not.

I have Xamarin.Forms and Visual Studio 15.5.3 (I updated Visual Studio after migrate to .netstandart)

Any suggestion?

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  • Ed_OphanimEd_Ophanim Member ✭✭
    edited June 2018

    Hi i'm getting this error and "PDB only" is not working of me, any advice?
    Gravedad Código Descripción Proyecto Ruta de acceso Archivo Línea Origen Estado suprimido Error error: cannot find symbol if (getClass () == ButtonRenderer.class) symbol: method getClass() location: class ButtonRenderer tttttp.Android C:\Users\x\Source\Repos\tttttp\tttttp\tttttp.Android\obj\Debug\android\src\md5270abb39e60627f0f200893b490a1ade C:\Users\x\Source\Repos\tttttp\tttttp\tttttp.Android\obj\Debug\android\src\md5270abb39e60627f0f200893b490a1ade\ 33 Compilación

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