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How to force the Detail page to move right with the Master page on iPad in Xamarin.forms

When using an iPhone, the Detail page automatically moves to the right with the Master page when the hamburger/menu icon (☰) is clicked.

Before clicked:

After clicked: (As you can see, the entire Detail page moves with the Master)

However with an iPad, when you click the Hamburger icon, the Master page moves right, but goes on top of the Detail page (and so the Detail page doesn't move right with it)

Before clicked

After clicked (As you can see here, the Detail page does not move right with the Master page. This can be identified by looking at the "Home" Title, and how it does not change position from before to after)

Question My question would be how to recreate this effect (experienced on iPhone) on iPad. The main reason why I wish to do this, is because of the ShadowEffect I have attached to the NavigationPage.Appearing.

This moves with the navPage, and so on iPads, it is hidden. I also use the MasterBehavior.Popover enum for the MasterBehavior property.

Thanks for your time, Daniel


  • Daniel.LochnerDaniel.Lochner ZAMember ✭✭
    edited January 2018

    I received an answer on this issue here but I would still like to know if it is possible - using the default "MasterDetailPage" - to recreate what I have suggested. Thank you.

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