PropertyGrid on Xamarin.Mac?


I've recently posted this question on:

Is there an equivalent control for the PropertyGrid on Xamarin.Mac?



  • Sadly, this type of control has never had enough appeal it seems on the Mac, to warrant anyone creating one (so it seems). Even Xamarin Studio uses GTK and not native Mac UI controls.

    There certainly isn't anything in the entire OS X toolkit that resembles what we are used to from the Microsoft world.

    It's actually quite sad to not see something like this already available. I have found a few resources online but none that I would know how to use directly. For example, there is apparently one found here:

    However, I do not know how we can use these types of frameworks from within the Xamarin.Mac environment. I'm still too new to understand how, whether it requires bindings to be created etc (which it probably does).

    Most likely at this point, we will need to actually learn to create something like this manually.

    I have a few ideas on how it might be done using a View Based NSTableView, however, sadly I still have a fundamental problem with View Based NSTableView, which is that I cannot figure out how to actually edit values within it and have that be set on the underlying data source. (It works in Cell Based, but View Based doesn't seem to work the same way).

    So ultimately, I'm stuck there on implementing this sort of control. And of course, I need it to power a object property editor portion of my app that I am currently writing :P

  • I was able to implement a Xamarin.Mac based Delegate/DataSource that will power a NSTableView that is View-Based and will essentially generate a Property Grid like view which will allow the user to modify properties of an object.

    Right now, I support basic types, like Strings, Integers, Doubles, Booleans, Enums. I hope to try and implement additional types as well, like DateTime, colors, and as many types as I can.

    If anyone is interested in this, let me know.

  • MichaelBothMichaelBoth AUMember ✭✭✭

    Having been fiddling about with a view-based NSTableView problem recently (now solved, and only involves a list of checkboxes) I would be curious to see your code for this, if you'd like to share; or just the datasource / delegate part would be enough.

  • It's still a bit rough around the edges of course, and it's only a prototype at this point. I still want to make it a bit more elegant and more of a "does all the magic inside" sort of thing as far as the DataSource especially.

    I'm just on my way to work, I'll put something up tonight when I get home.

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