Urhosharp or SharpReality moving forward, which to use?

so hard to post on xamarin forum anything ... so hard and just not worth it.

For over 5 minutes I've been getting a message I must wait 3 minutes ... in another minute I'm gonna GTF out of here once and for all. This sucks to hard. WHy make ur stuff so hard to use that it's worthless ... huh xamarin?:

"You have posted 1 times within 120 seconds. A spam block is now in effect on your account. You must wait at least 180 seconds before attempting to post again."

No, not true ... xamarin system lies and is worthless to someone who values life and time. If you want to kill urself and need motivation. then start posting on xamarin forums and you will seek to end your life shortly thereafter, other things like gubbermint stealling ur money, kids and throwing u in jail will seem like a vacation compared to phukkin xamarin wasted life

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