Runtime Code Generation with "Linker Behavior: Link SDKs Only"

Is this supported? We are having a NullReferenceException thrown by System.Linq.Expressions.Expression.CreateLambda when enabling the "Linker Behavior: Link SDKs Only" option.

Without this option, our application size balloons from 10MB to 42MB. Before Xamarin.Mac, we were able to embed the Mono runtime directly into our application and use expressions without any trouble, and without nearly as much impact on our application size.


  • AndrewYoungAndrewYoung CAMember ✭✭

    Ok, in case anyone else has the same issue, I fixed the problem using the instructions here:

    Keep using the default Link SDK option but add the --linkskip=System.Core to your Additional mtouch arguments, inside your Project Options

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