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Azure App Services Mobile offline sync files

Hello everyone!

I'm developing a Xamarin.Forms app that is to be used primarily offline (it is a requirement). I manage to make sync work with azure using IMobileSyncClient and now was looking into a way to sync pictures to Azure BLOB Storage. I've searched high and low but couldn't find nothing that helpful.

The closest thing was a couple of articles that relied on Microsoft.Azure.Mobile.Server.Files nuget package, which is now retired. Right now I'm at a loss here.

I thought of doing it ad-hoc, managing everything by myself, piggybacking on the push methods on the client, but it sounds a lot of work, prone to errors...

Anyone else with same issue and with any valid approach? Thanks!



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  • UnreachableCodeUnreachableCode USMember ✭✭✭
    Hi @NunoCoimbra.1331, did you find a solution to your problem?
  • @CharlieFinlayson.3926 Well, yes and no. I've developed my own process. Did not reply or mentioned it here simply because it is not a "sync" process. Basically, I have a metadata table where (among other stuff) exists a flag marking the picture as uploaded or not. Then when the sync is started the pictures upload process is started afterwards. The pictures are only uploaded and not changed once in the destination.

    There's also a gallery that present a thumbnail (base64 string on the metadata table). If the pic exists locally, tapping the thumb will show it. Otherwise it can be downloaded at will.

    Simple, but not a true synchronization as the one for data.

  • rocharocharocharocha USMember ✭✭

    And if you use one server Table api to receive base64 image and instead of put it on DB using EF you send convert it back image and send it to Azure Storage ?
    Could the SQLite store large register on local storage ?

    I am trying to find something on Azure SDK to resolve offline sync files but I just found some "removed" nuget packages.

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