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Location Services Alert Question

ClayZuvichClayZuvich USMember ✭✭

I am receiving the system alert "Your app has been using location in the background" in my application (targeting iOS 11). The application uses the Always authorization; however, the user can turn off location updates in the app.

I understand that the prompt will show up if the application is using location services; however, I've received the prompt when the application is not using location services. I use SignificantChanges, Geofencing, and standard location services in the background while the feature is being used.

Is it normal behavior to get prompted that the app is using location in the background even though the services aren't actually running? Also, which services need to be running in order to trigger this alert (just standard, geofencing, and/or significant changes)?

If it is normal behavior, should the application change authorization to "in-use" when the background features aren't being used?

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