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Client/Server communication

Is there a best practice for communicating with a mobile app (iOS/Android) on a server update (Api/Db)?
First thought is SignalR, but wanted to make sure there wasn't other better choices.

I'm using notifications in the app as well, but this would be for real time map updates.




  • N_BauaN_Baua INMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @VossGrose,

    It depends how quick and how many updates you want to drive, polling or using SignalR would be expensive in my opinion (for a user having a limited activity window).
    Considering that I'm a very busy, I might not be looking at the application screen all the time for a real-time updates on map or whatever my view is. I would rather love to have a notification.

    So polling on server/SignalR is not what I would implement unless my active user-base is too high with some real-time interaction, like for example, purchasing some shares/stocks on a trading app.

    If I still have to provide an update (say every minute), I'll better go with other alternatives. (like Background service/Timers etc.)

    Side Kick:
    There is a constant debate on SignalR performance issues v/s fine tuning your application/modules/IIS servers etc.
    So better look at:

    Hope it helps.

    N Baua

  • VossGroseVossGrose USMember

    N Baua: thanks for the reply.

    My scenario is map updates. An ride sharing app would be a good example. The customer wants to see real time updates of the location of the "car". Do you think SignalR would be the right choice for that?


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