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Access denied error when updating or restoring NuGet packages

NoNickNameNoNickName AFMember
edited December 2017 in General

I get this error when I try to restore or update NuGet package:
Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error Error occurred while restoring NuGet packages: Access to the path 'Xamarin.Forms.Build.Tasks.dll' is denied.
It does not matter what is the Xamarin project (forms or native).
I am using VS2017 Community as admin.


  • tribaltribal USMember ✭✭✭

    Is the project source code present on a shared drive, have you tried re starting Visual Studio

  • NoNickNameNoNickName AFMember

    The project is created right after installing VS. It is not shared drive. The location of the project is the standard location (by default).

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