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Xamarin.Forms .NET Standar 2.0 Android project not found Interface for Dependency injection

Hello everyone.
Today I started developing my app with Xamarin.Forms. In creating a new project I noticed that PCL was removed and was replaced by .NET Standard 2.0. I did some research and I saw that it is the successor of the PCL and that in principle it is the same thing.
My project must be connected to a web service.
This is why I added the web service reference to the Android project.
Then I created the interface in the .NET library. But when I go to implement the interface in an Android project class it does not see the interface.
I have declared the interface in the .NET project public, but nothing to do. Even in the suggestions I am not told anything to implemet the interface.
Where am I doing wrong?
It's the first time I've created an app with .NET instead of PCL.
Can you give me a hand ???
I would be infinitely grateful.

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