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Generate a dynamic form (list of widgets)

xykudyaxxykudyax PTMember
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This should not be in this forum it should be in the GTK# windows forms!! but I couldn't find it!!

Hi everyone, I'm using GTK# and trying to make a dynamic form that is generated based on a file...
I have a list of widgets I need to stack for as long as the files goes. For example, the
file as this widget names: "Entry" "SpinButton" "ComboBox" "TextView"...
I need to be stretched horizontally and stacked vertically. I'm using Vbox for this..
the problem is that the space between the widgets (and their size) is automatically changed as I have more or less widgets drawing on the screen.
I wanted their size to remain the same and just stack them and use a ScrolledWindow to scroll if down if there are too many of them.

Hope my question is understandable... I think the problem here is that I can't use VBox... but I don't know what to use then.. I needed some help!
thank you ;)

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