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menu attribute is not recognized

ExoDevExoDev USMember ✭✭

I am stuck for hours on that. I searched all the questions and answers on related matters but no solution works and i start getting disappointed.

        app:menu="@menu/activity_main_drawer" />

Error :
No resource identifier found for attribute 'menu' in package 'MobiDroid.MobiDroid' MobiDroid ~\MobiDroid\MobiDroid\Resources\layout\Main.axml

All tutorials i've seen show same code and it suppose to work. I made new project trying the same but still... Resource.Designer.cs generates Menu only if i change the name of the folder to Menu(from menu). Still the xml doesn't recognize it.

why is has to be so hard to make a menu file and import it on my xml?(it's rhetoric) Sometimes i reconsider the Xamarin.Native approach due to the time it takes to solve small puzzling issues. The overall time consumed fixing those matters messes with the deadlines

Thanks in advance

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