Why does app.DragAndDrop() not work to drag tiles in an app

AllanTeagueAllanTeague USMember

I have tiles that list accounts. I want to drag on to the position of the other and have tried the below code but neither seems to work:

AppResult[] fro = app.Query(x => x.Id("reorder_icon").Sibling().Marked(fromAccount));
AppResult[] t = app.Query(x => x.Id("reorder_icon").Sibling().Marked(toAccount));

app.DragCoordinates(fro.FirstOrDefault().Rect.CenterX, fro.FirstOrDefault().Rect.CenterY, t.FirstOrDefault().Rect.CenterX, t.FirstOrDefault().Rect.CenterY);
app.DragAndDrop(x => x.Id("reorder_icon").Sibling().Marked(fromAccount),x => x.Id("reorder_icon").Sibling().Marked(toAccount));

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