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How to use Dotfuscator to .NET Standard Xamarin.Forms project?

ReahReah JPMember

I tried to obfuscate using Dotfuscator by making settings as described on the following page.

According to the content of the blog article, I placed the target file of MSBuild and edited the .csproj file for obfuscation.

As a result, obfuscation succeeded in Xamarin.Forms / PCL project.
However, Xamarin.Forms / .NET Standard 2.0 project did not obfuscate and the Dotfuscator CLI application did not start in the middle of the build process.

How can I do obfuscation with Dotfuscator in Xamarin.Forms / .NET Standard 2.0 project?

(In the Xamarin.Forms project, you need to embed the obfuscated .dll file in the .apk package during the build.)

Visual Studio Community 2017 15.5.0
.NET Standard 2.0
Xamarin.Forms 2.5.0
Dotfuscator Community Edition


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