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CultureInfo.DisplayName is not localized on iOS

I'm adding Spanish language support to an app. In the app, there is a menu to select the Language/Region. The items in the menu are CultureInfos, and the displayed text is the DisplayName property. As I understand it, the display text should be localized according to the language on the device. I'm assuming this uses CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture. However, if I set the iPad to Spanish (United States), these strings are still in English, rather than Spanish. CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture is set to Spanish (United States) as expected. The strings are localized as expected in UWP.

Is this a Xamarin bug, or is there some other way I should be getting the localized DisplayName of CultureInfo?

To clarify, I want all the CultureInfo items in the list to be localized using the system language. The NativeName property is NOT what I want.


  • JeremyNelsonJeremyNelson USMember ✭✭
    edited December 2017

    Expected (this is on UWP):

    Actual (this is iOS):

    Please ignore the difference in the order. I also just noticed English (United Kingdom) is not localized to Spanish in UWP either. So the behavior seems to be inconsistent with the documentation.

  • JeremyNelsonJeremyNelson USMember ✭✭

    Over a year later and no response...still having the same issue.

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