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running a phantom JS script or Selenium Test in Xamarin Test cloud

vindyvindy AUMember

I have a Xamarin UI test that has two parts to it, A phantom JS part (or Selenium tests) which creates the test data that is required for the Xamarin UI test. [opens a web site which creates Let's say Patient data, ] and then the second part that access the same information through the mobile App using Xamarin UI tests. please note that both tests are tied together with a one specflow scenario.

When i run the scenario locally, with a physical Android device plugged in, the entire flow works as expected as it opens a headless browser session locally for the web site part and then runs the Mobile App using the xamarin UI tests.

Problem comes when i want to push this test to the xamarin test cloud, as you would expect the phantom JS part fails in the test cloud. i would like to know if theres a way of achieving this with the xamarin tooling available at present, wihtout having the re-structure the entire test suite and isolating the web and mobile parts.

Thanks in Advance

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